This is a great opportunity to create new memories with you family and friends.

You can bring your own drink or safe the trouble and buy some cold drinks at The Foothill Cafe. The Foothill Cafe is open and we sell light meals and delicious desserts. Collect your Picnic Basket at The Foothill Cafe and bring it to the Quiet Area, here you can relax with no disturbens or walk up to the Dam, that is a must-see experience, it is the right place to recharge your energy and enjoy the wildlife at Franklyn Park.

Beyond The Mountain is also an ideal location for team building activities. Our park offers a range of group activities to help you promote communication, collaborate, and create lasting connections in a serene outdoor setting. Even friendly FootGolf/DiscGolf matches for any age to strengthen the bonds.

Foot Golf

The game is a wonderful activity for the family, as well as for friends and companies.

Picnic basket

Put together a picnic basket of your choice for your event.

About the park

Franklyn Park is located in Hoedspruit South Africa