You kick a regular size 5 football/soccer ball into a 60 cm diameter hole, with as few shots as possible.

The course has natural obstacles, such as rock formations, gangs, trees, scrub and other vegetation.

The game is a wonderful activity for the family, as well as for friends, companies and bachelor parties.

In short, foot golf involves kicking a ball into a hole with the fewest possible kicks.

Two or more players walk around the court together. Just like in golf and miniature golf, each hole has a tee spot from which you start kicking the ball out, as well as a hole in the ground where the ball must be kicked.

Each player has his own ball and the "best" player starts by kicking. When all players have kicked out, the player whose ball is farthest from the hole must kick. It is kicked until the ball is in the hole.

At each hole, the number of kicks each player has used to get the ball into the hole is recorded on a scorecard. The player with the fewest kicks on the hole starts by kicking out at the next hole.

The one with the fewest kicks wins the game. You should expect to spend around 1½ hours to go round.